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LOCATION: Croma (269 Newbury St, BOSTON)

GUEST(S): Rachel Ciprotti

ORDER: 2 slices of 10" Cheeseburger, 2 slices of 10" Margherita

PIZZA REPORT: At Croma, what you see is what you get, but what you see is weird!  On the recommendation of our waiter, I ordered a cheeseburger pizza and, sure enough, I got exactly that.  It was loaded with ground beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, and even pickles.  The tomato sauce served as the ketchup as I tricked my pizza-expecting stomach by delivering cheeseburger-tasting food.  Fortunately, for everyone involved, my stomach loves cheeseburgers.  It loves pizza-tasting pizza as well.  The other Croma pizza I had satisfied that desire.  It was a Margherita.  This was a more traditional choice and looked and tasted along those lines.  The fresh mozzarella cheese did gravitate towards the center a bit as the outer crust rose in the imported European oven, but not too far.  I was impressed the crust remained so firm beneath the weight of the cheese and sauce.  Both crusts were particularly nice, both aesthetically and in texture.  Appearance-wise, both pizzas looked picture perfect, taste-wise, I prefer the novelty of the weird one. 

ATMOSPHERE: Swanky, trendy, hip, and tasty, Croma is situated on Newbury Street, one of the more popular streets in Boston.  It's lined with shops, outdoor cafes, and hipsters.  Croma fits right in.  It's got a metallic sign in a retro font, classic white table cloths, well dressed wait staff, food fusions galore, sparkling clean interior, and a multitude of vegetarian options all at a price that is likely a couple dollars more than its worth.  It's hip and fun.  If you want to 'mix it up' a little and go to a unique place in the heart of Boston, Croma is for you, dude.

VERDICT: 3 out of 5 

MISC.: Rachel Ciprotti and I talked about the sense of smell and being in the closet.

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